Sunday, January 9, 2011

What Did She Say??

We had Sister over today, and then took her to church again. We sang another of her favorite hymns--How Great Thou Art--and she was so excited!

She gave Husband quite a scare on the way home when she introduced him to a new phrase, "Holy buckets!" (New to him, anyway. Turns out my family is just quite old fashioned when it comes to our expressions because the definition of "Holy Buckets" given on Wikipedia is from a 1960 slang dictionary.)

Anyway, back to Sister. Yeah.

She has Down Syndrome, and one of the ways that is manifested is in an overly large tongue, which is what makes her speech difficult to understand. Since I grew up with her and was the closest in age to her, I can almost always understand her. I forget that other people can't. Particularly bothersome is the fact that some of her letter sounds seem to come out as other letter sounds. For example, she her L's almost always come out sounding like N's, and sometimes her B's come out sounding like F's.

And that's all I'm going to say.

Holy Buckets!

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