Saturday, January 1, 2011

Enjoyable Eldersitting Bonus Tasks

As I've said a few times, there is a lot more to Eldersitting than I expected. Each time something new comes up, I call it an "Eldersitting Bonus Task". Usually, that is not indicative of an enjoyable thing, but today's was rather pleasant: I cut Mom's fingernails and shaped them with an emory board.

She has always had beautiful nails that grow thick and strong and long. I, on the other hand, have always been a nail biter. Over the years, she's complained that her nails have gotten so hard, she can't clip them anymore. Instead, she would bite one side and peel the nail off, and then take off the rough edges with an emory board.

Today, she was talking about needing to trim her nails. She is still nursing an injured wrist (hmm... did I write about that before? I don't think so... next post!), so I offered to help her wtih her nails. I clipped them and found out that her diminishing strength was the problem, not their thickness or hardness.

We had a nice time talking while I did her nails. It's the best our interaction has been in a long time. I will cherish this memory forever--and hope to continue making more like it, with both Mom and Dad.

Happy New Year!

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