Monday, December 6, 2010


Dad and Mom live on a farm. For many years, my dad's farming activities included storage of bags of seed corn, wheat, soy beans, etc. Bags of seed are a great feeding ground for mice and rats--Dad, of course, didn't want to provide such a feast! So, ever since I can remember, we've had farm cats.

Once, when I was a child, I remember there were 60 of them out there! Right now, there are about 25. We were able to catch two of the kittens that were born this year at just the right time that they will still let us hold them. The rest scatter like roaches when the house door opens. It's hilarious seeing big cats run away from us while these two itty bitty ones run across the yard to get to us!

When we moved here, we were homeschooling our son, and then there was summer. So for several months, he was able to take care of the job of feeding the cats. He had a big joke with Grandpa, who would ask him each morning if he'd fed the "chickens" yet. At some point in the joke, Grandpa started asking him if he'd remembered to bring in the eggs. Then, my son quipped that there were only brown ones. Eww. But they had fun with their little ritual, and the cats got fed every day.

Then, in September, he started back in public school. Mom said she would feed the cats. She needs some exercise every day, and it's a good way for her to get it. I was happy with that solution.

Then, winter struck. And the first storm was an ice storm. Mom's balance isn't good on a regular day, so there's no way she can go out and feed the cats when it's icy. Last year, Dad fed them in the winter. This year, he's on oxygen.

So, guess who gets to feed the cats? You guessed it. I've gotten another Eldersitting Bonus Task.

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