Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Clandestine Chicken Chucking

Mom doesn't like to waste anything. If there's a little coffee in the pot in the morning, she pours it into cups to heat in the microwave and makes another pot to finish out three cups for breakfast. If you'd seen me in our last place, you would be surprised it bothers me--I used to make a pot of coffee, and being the only one in the house that drank it, would heat it in the microwave for up to 3 days! But I think it bothers me now because she just can't stand the idea of throwing anything away (not to mention that she yells at me when I throw stuff away).

Once in awhile, I mess up with menus and end up buying more food than I have time to make, and then forget to put it in the freezer, and it gets wasted. Well, once, there was some nasty, rotting chicken in the fridge that I was going to throw away. But when I wasn't looking, Mom started cooking it. I'm not kidding. I asked her what she was doing, gagging from the stench as I spoke.

She was cooking it to give to the cats. *sigh*

She did that one other time, too, and that time, there were people in the basement working on the remodeling! When I realized what was going on, I took it outside and put it in the cats' bowl. I hoped they were smart enough not to burn themselves on it.

Today, my husband commented that there was, once again, some bad chicken in the fridge. He said he would take it out to the dumpster, but I told him Mom would probably want to cook it for the cats if she saw it. So, he decided he'll do it tonight, after she's gone to bed.

Nothing like clandestine chicken chucking. *grin*

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