Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Everything's Here

This has been a rough morning for Mom. She was working on breakfast, and kept wandering from the dining room to the kitchen, but not remembering why she went to the other room. I told her that as long as she still remembers who I am, she's doing all right. We had a good laugh about that.

Then, she filled dad's glass of juice a little too full, so when she put in the ground flax and sesame seeds, it was really full, and for some reason, she thought she should bring it to the table right away. Not sure why.

I had been in the basement getting stuff she needed (she isn't supposed to do stairs anymore), and came up just in time to see her stirring the overfull glass in mid-air!

"You might want to set that down," I told her, and we laughed.

When we got everything on the table, she stood looking at her place at the table, wondering what was missing.

"Everything's here, Mom."

"I don't think I am," she said. "At least my mind isn't."

*sigh* What do you say to that? I'm sorry, Momma. I love you.
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