Sunday, October 3, 2010

Adjusting to Life in Rural Town

We live on a farm a few miles outside of Rural Town. A short jaunt brings us to Big Town. A looooong jaunt brings us to Big City.

My dear husband grew up in Another Big City. He is not accustomed to life in Rural Town. This became quite clear on a recent solo trip to he made to Rural Town. After telling a clerk the reason for his visit, he was told that he would need to talk to the proprietor, who was not in. Satisfied with that, Hubby turned to leave, but was halted by the following exchange:

Clerk: So, how's your father-in-law? (This caught Hubby off guard in itself, because he didn't know the woman from Eve, but she didn't even say the relationship, she said Dad's name.)

Hubby: Umm... Did you know he's in the hospital?

Clerk: Yeah, my husband heard it come over the [Rural Town Emergency Medical Services] pager.

Hubby: Oh, well he seems to be doing better, and should be able to come home tomorrow.

Clerk: Good, glad to hear it. Are you living in Rural Town?

Hubby: Umm... No, we are living out on the farm with them.

Clerk: Oh, that's great. And you have one child going to school here?

Hubby: Umm... Yes.

Clerk: I saw you at the school open house the other day. And at the Bar and Grill last Friday night. (Yes, Rural Town not only has a Cafe, it also has a Bar and Grill.)

Hubby: Oh, I see.

To me, having grown up in Rural Town, an non-momentous conversation. To him? I'm sure he felt like Big Brother was watching him, very, very closely.

I'm sure he'll get used to it. :)

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