Sunday, October 10, 2010

Now I Understand... Well, Some of It, Anyway...

Yesterday, Mom and I were fighting a lot, and I couldn't figure out why. I hoped that things would be better this morning, but it was quite clear at breakfast that they were not.

On our way to church, my husband had a revelation: Mom was mad at me because (in her mind), I had prevented my sister from coming home for the weekend. Let me explain.

I'm going to be my sister's guardian as soon as the paperwork and court hearing are done. I've already taken on the role of making sure she follows rules at home, and part of that includes her not being here without myself or my husband supervising. So, I already told Mom that on Sunday's when she's visiting for the weekend, we will take Sis with us to church. She agreed that was a good idea.

Over the years, Sis has idolized a number of pro sports players. (Yes, this line of commenting is relevant to the story, Your Honor.) Last week, I heard that one of her idols was returning to play for her team again. So, in keeping with my thought that she won't mind not coming home so often if we keep in touch with her between visits, I called to tell her about it.

Unfortunately, I didn't know when I called that she'd gotten in trouble for verbally and physically fighting with one of her housemates that evening. When I called, she was on edge and thought I was calling to holler at her.

So much for chit chatting about sports idols.

She wanted to talk to Mom and asked her if she could come home for the weekend. My first thought was, "No." But then I realized I will be busy the next 3 weekends, so I relented, on the condition that she go to church with me on Sunday.

I still don't know why, but she didn't want to. She didn't even want to come for Friday night and Saturday. When I talked to her staff, they were as confused as I was. Sis always says yes when people ask her to do something, and she goes to church whenever the staff takes the group. I don't understand it.

But, apparently, Mom's blaming it on me and taking it out on me.

Gotta love those Eldersitting Bonus Tasks.
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