Monday, October 4, 2010

Early Morning Walk

I've been wanting to do some walking, but never seem to find the time. My son has been walking a lot, lately, so I asked him how early I'd have to get up for him to be able to walk with me before school. Only 45 minutes earlier than I usually get up.

Last night, I planned to go to bed a little early, in preparation for walking, but it was later than usual when I actually went to bed. I decided against setting an alarm for the earlier time.

I woke up almost exactly at the time my son mentioned.

We went for a walk. Not very long, about 10 minutes--I want to work up to it so I don't get sore right away and give up--but walk, we did. It's very peaceful walking on the roads outside Rural Town. I'm sure my body appreciated the activity, and I'm hopeful that some brain chemicals will be at work throughout the day.
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